Rs 76 000 000

NORD / Pereybère
19 juin 09:13
  • Type de bien : Maison / Villa
    Nb de chambres : 3
    Nb de salles de bain : 3
    Surface : 520 Mètre(s) carré(s) = 12.3 Perche(s) = 0.12 Arpent(s) = 136.8 Toise(s) = 5778 Pied(s) carré(s)
    Surface terrain : 740 Mètre(s) carré(s) = 17.5 Perche(s) = 0.18 Arpent(s) = 194.7 Toise(s) = 8222 Pied(s) carré(s)
    Services : Piscine, Clôture, Vue mer, Accès à la mer, Ecole à proximité, Commerces à proximité, Plage à proximité, Hôpital / Clinique à proximité, Arrêt de bus à proximité, Résidence sécurisé, Magasin - Textile, Café - Restaurant, Hôtel, Alimentation, Bien-être - Beauté
  • Description :

    Discover Maubali: The Epitome of Luxury in Pereybere

    Unveil a world of opulence with Maubali, a Balinese-inspired luxury villa nestled in the heart of Mauritius, offered at the prestigious price of Rs 76 million. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this residence transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embark on a life of unparalleled luxury and embrace the natural beauty that surrounds.

    Key Features:

    Land Area: 740 Square Meters
    Spacious Living Area: 520 Square Meters
    1 Master Bedroom
    2 Cozy Ensuite Rooms
    Spacious Mezzanine Bedroom
    Salty Pool
    Outdoor Dining
    Relaxation Kiosk
    Brunch Space
    Eastern and Western Rooftops

    Additionally, the villa boasts a fully furnished kitchen and living areas, seamlessly blending convenience with luxury. Maubali transcends the traditional notion of a villa; it is an immersive experience waiting to be embraced.

    To make this extraordinary lifestyle yours, contact our dedicated Real Estate Agent at Luxi Land Properties Ltd. Reach out to us effortlessly on mobile or WhatsApp at 5886 0722. Maubali beckons, promising a life of luxury and indulgence!
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